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San Francisco Airport Prepares For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Pic

Super Bowl 50 is expected to be one of the biggest events to date. This year, the event will be held in San Francisco. As the city prepares itself for the mayhem that is to come with the Super Bowl, San Francisco International Airport was turned into a celebration of players of yesteryear. The Pro Football Hall of Fame contributed most of the items that are exhibited in the airport. The exhibit is titled The Nation’s Game, The NFL from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. People arriving, departing, or waiting for a connection in San Francisco International will be able to see the museum in Terminal 3, free of charge.

Once the announcement was made about San Francisco being the host of Super Bowl 50, the anticipation started building. The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sports event in the United States. Every year, the event seems to get bigger. The Super Bowl is no longer just about the game, its about the hype, the lead up to the big game, the commercials, the musical performance, and then the game. This year’s Super Bowl will be taking place in San Francisco. As the time inches closer, stories will be written on the commercials, excitement from city residents and those traveling to attend. In addition, stories will be written about the players, coaches, personnel from both teams as they compete for the title of NFL Champions of 2016. There will also be stories about the players who paved the way for the athletes of today and the struggles they had to deal with. Those same players will be honored at some point during the events. Issues like player safety, concussions and the NFL Concussion settlement are sure to be discussed. So like previous Super Bowls, Super Bowl 50 will be the epicenter of entertainment for a period of time and Terminal 3 in San Francisco International Airport is leading the way.

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Disgruntled Uber Drivers Protest

taxi cabs in New York CityUber, the celebrated company that developed an app to connect drivers and riders, is facing opposition from its very own drivers.  The company, making news recently for being valued at $18 billion, is facing accusations from several of its drivers regarding their pricing and compensation policies. They claim discounts the company promotes are eating into their profits while their expenses keep increasing. In addition, most drivers make their money on tips, and Uber’s policies misinform customers about inclusion of the tip in the pricing.

Protests against Uber have taken place in California and New York. In addition to pricing and compensation, some drivers have accused the company of falsely advertising their benefits and the rating system for drivers. Taxi cab companies have been fighting Uber because they claim the company is skirting regulations under which traditional cab companies have to operate.

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NYPD Sgt. Paul Ferrara Dies of 9/11 Related Cancer

American Flag in the Wind
DNA Info
reported Sgt. Paul Ferrara of the New York Police Department lost his life to cancer which he got as a result of working at Ground Zero. Ferrara, who was 43 years old, battled the cancer which started in his lung but spread throughout his body. Ferrara was stationed at the 110th Precinct in Queens. Current Police Commissioner Bill Bratton tweeted his condolences.

The outpouring of support from his colleagues and strangers was initiated to raise funds for his family to help with the medical expenses. Anyone interested in sending a donation can make a check payable to the “110 Pct General Fund” and mail to:

110 Precinct
Attn: 10-13 Sgt. Ferrara
94-41 43 Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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IWP Delivers Peace of Mind in Addition to Excellent Prescription Care

The below article is a guest blog post courtesy of IWP:

iwp logoAs THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy, IWP provides convenient home delivery prescription medications to those injured on the road, on the job and everywhere in between so they can return to a productive life. Our simple, hassle-free process is designed to give your clients the highest quality prescription care with little to no upfront cost. By delivering peace of mind to your clients, IWP allows you to keep your focus where it belongs – your firm.

We eliminate the headaches associated with obtaining prescription approvals and take the administrative hassles off your hands with a team that is well versed in the state-specific nuances and clinical needs of workers’ compensation, auto and personal injury claims. Our dedicated account team manages the claims process and monitors prescription shipments ensuring your clients are never without their medications. For you this means fewer calls from distressed patients, fewer interactions with the insurance carrier, and a lot less paperwork.

We are experts in not only providing quality care, but working on behalf of injured individuals and our business partners to ensure their rights are never compromised. Our Government Affairs team monitors pharmacy-related legislation and regulations and works closely with policymakers to benefit you and your firm. We take action so that any legislative reforms are favorable to attorneys, medical providers, and ultimately the interest of the patient.

IWP makes it our mission to deliver peace of mind in addition to prescription medications, so your clients can focus on what’s important – getting better. For more information about IWP and our services, please visit

Reject: A Documentary Film

bullyingThe documentary Reject delves into the topic of social rejection. Social rejection or bullying has been in the news recently because some of the victims have committed suicide. While the documentary has some human interest focus, it actually views social rejection from a science based angle which offers solutions to the problems.

The creators of the documentary say it will appeal to parents, teachers, coaches, mental health professionals, clergy, counselors, juvenile judges, and office managers.

View the film’s website at

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U.S. At Risk of Another Oil Spill?

oil spill fire
On April 21, 2014, Democracy Now! broadcasted a segment about the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the effects of which are still being felt in the Gulf Coast. In that segment, Elizabeth Birnbaum, former Director of the Minerals Management Service in the Interior Department at the time of spill, stated her concern about the risk of another offshore oil spill. She also expressed these views in a recent New York Times editorial.

That agency was blamed for their perceived lack of regulation over drilling activities in the Gulf. Also related to the story, the Environmental Protection Agency lifted the ban on BP, which prevented them from receiving federal contracts. Just a few days later, they won 24 bids which were valued at $41.6 billion.

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Survey Shows Reality Show Workers are Underpaid

reality television
The results of a Writers Guild survey illustrated that people in the reality television industry are not being compensated properly. Many of the shows on television today are reality-based programming. On almost every channel you can find more than one reality show, but the people who keep the show running are underpaid.

Wage theft, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination are all issues workers in every industry have to deal with-even in a glamorous industry like film and television. So they have to be more vigilante in demanding fairness and equality in the work place.

It has been said for a number of years now that the prevalence of reality television is due to the fact that it is easy to produce and it generates large amounts of income. On almost every channel, there are at least a few reality-based television programs, and their popularity does not seem to be waning. The only missing part of the equation is the people behind the camera getting a piece of what is a lucrative pie.

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Generic Drugs to Be Held to Brand Standards?

generic pills
In light of recent mis-dosings and complications, the FDA announced that it will be tightening regulations on the market for generic drugs.

According to the FDA, approximately 8 in 10 prescriptions issued are for generic drugs. Well known generics include lisinopril (the active ingredient in the hypertension drug Prinivil), metformin (the active ingredient in many diabetes medications), and albuterol (the active ingredient in the asthma drug Ventolin). Generic drugs are so common that 50% of generic drugs are actually manufactured by their brand-named counterparts.

One recent complication that brought the FDA’s attention was a possible error in the dosing of atorvastatin calcium, the active ingredient in Lipitor. Ranbaxy, an Indian pharmaceutical company, recalled 64,000 bottles of the generic drug because these might have had higher doses of atorvastatin calcium than Lipitor pills.

This is not the first recall issued by Ranbaxy for the generic Lipitor. In November 2012, Ranbaxy recalled 41 lots of atorvastatin because the pills may have contained tiny fragments of glass.

Another recent case involves ibuprofen, the generic version of Advil. A 13-year old boy in the UK took a dose of ibuprofen to sooth a cold, yet wound up in the hospital for Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). SJS is a dangerous medication allergy that often resembles a flu or rash gone haywire. SJS can be fatal, as it causes the patient’s skin to fall off.

The family of the victim, along with those of other SJS victims, filed a suit against the drug-makers for failure to warn about SJS occurrence from ibuprofen. Such a warning was issued for acetaminophen, another generic drug most commonly known as its branded counterpart Tylenol.

Those who prefer the vastly cheaper generic versions of drugs to brand names will likely be eagerly awaiting the new FDA regulations on generic manufacturers. These new regulations will likely require generic drug manufacturers to employ the same strict standards that brand name drugs are held to.

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Written by Shayna Keyles

Pfizer’s Effexor Recalled from Pharmacies

blue caduceusOn March 6, 2014, Pfizer recalled Effexor, a Selective Neurotransmitter Reuptake Inhibitor (SNRI) which is a type of drug similar to SSRI’s (which prevent the reuptake of the neurotransmitter serotonin). The recall was instated after a pharmacist discovered that some Effexor bottles contained Tikosyn, which is used to treat irregular heartbeats. Patients taking Tikosyn without a doctor’s order could be exposed to a variety of side effects, some of which could be fatal.

Pfizer recalled approximately 104,450 bottles of Effexor, two thirds of which had already been stocked in pharmacies. The recall included the generic version of Effexor, as well as the 30-count and 90-count bottles. Other versions of the drug that are not manufactured by Pfizer should not be affected.

Pharmacists have been warned to discontinue all distribution of Effexor. As of yet, it is uncertain whether, or how many, Effexor users have accidentally taken Tikosyn, and whether or not they have experienced any ill side effects.

Written by Shayna Keyles

Obama Signs Legislation Passed by Congress to Help Military Sex Victims

military bugleAccording to an article, congressional representatives of both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed legislation that would provide victims of sexual assault in the military with legal counsel, eliminate the statute of limitations, and criminalize retaliation against victims who report sexual assault. It also limits the questioning of victims.

The legislation was attached to a defense spending bill President Obama signed into law on December 26th. The bill was passed with huge effort by Congressional representative Kirsten Gillibrand and others. The campaign to give the victims added protection was started and never let up pressure until the bill was passed. The legislation would also strip military commanders of their ability to overturn jury convictions. Additionally, it would require civilian review if a commander does not prosecute a case and if it requires a victim to face a dishonorable discharge or dismissal.

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