Disgruntled Uber Drivers Protest

taxi cabs in New York CityUber, the celebrated company that developed an app to connect drivers and riders, is facing opposition from its very own drivers.  The company, making news recently for being valued at $18 billion, is facing accusations from several of its drivers regarding their pricing and compensation policies. They claim discounts the company promotes are eating into their profits while their expenses keep increasing. In addition, most drivers make their money on tips, and Uber’s policies misinform customers about inclusion of the tip in the pricing.

Protests against Uber have taken place in California and New York. In addition to pricing and compensation, some drivers have accused the company of falsely advertising their benefits and the rating system for drivers. Taxi cab companies have been fighting Uber because they claim the company is skirting regulations under which traditional cab companies have to operate.

Read the full story at http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-new-york-city-office-protests-2014-9.

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