Former Students Settle With Trump University for $25 Million

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According to various news reports, a federal judge gave final approval to a $25 million settlement agreement former students reached with Trump University. The students, who attended the school to receive specialized education in real estate, accused the university of fraud. Some students allegedly paid between $1,000 to $35,000 to attend classes. They were promised the opportunity to learn the secrets of getting rich in real estate. In addition, the ability to access private financing options. The students said both turned out not to be true. They say they were deceived by the promises of Trump University and were pressured by officials at the school to buy and elevate their package causing them to pay more money.

During the 2016 presidential election, then candidate Donald Trump vowed to keep fighting the lawsuit even insulting the plaintiffs. Days after the election, the trial was set to commence. Instead a settlement between the plaintiffs and the university had been announced. Preliminary approval was given in December and final approval was rendered by a federal judge of the settlement. Trump University and Donald Trump did not admit guilt. The specifics of the settlement include $21 million for the estimated plaintiffs to split among themselves. Most observers expect the plaintiffs will receive at least half of what they spent if they aren’t made whole. $4 million will go to the settle the New York State lawsuits against the university. The plaintiff attorneys’ who litigated the case graciously decided not to take their fees and absorb the costs of pursuing the case.

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