Listeria Lawsuits Close to Settling

A settlement is close to being made in regards to the listeria outbreaks on a Colorado farm. The amount has not been determined, but some estimates put it at $4 million, which would be supplied by the farms’ insurer as well as the insurer of the equipment company. The Jensen farm is at the heart of this lawsuit because it has been discovered as the source of the outbreak.

Listeria is a bacterial disease that is potentially fatal to humans. It is susceptible through eating exposed food such as cantaloupes and has symptoms that include nausea, diarrhea, fever and muscle aches. Some of the plaintiffs have suffered food poisoning, and there are reports of about 30 people dying because of the outbreak.

According to the Food and Drug administration, the outbreak might have happened because of dirty water and because the equipment is old and hard to clean. According to many news reports, cantaloupes from the Jensen farm are the cause of the outbreaks. The Center for Disease control says there are 28 states that have listeria outbreak cases.


The Jensen farm has filed for bankruptcy because of the lawsuits, but the judge has not allowed the bankruptcy proceedings to continue until the lawsuits are dealt with. There are at least seven other lawsuits apart from this one led by attorney Bill Marler, who represents 39 plaintiffs. Some of the plaintiffs have said a $4 million settlement is not enough to compensate their claims.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

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