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Brewing Lawsuits: Civil Rights, Product Liability, and More

brewing-lawsuitsThe New York Daily News reported a story of a Jewish man in Crown Heights, Brooklyn-Ehud Halevy-who is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York Police Department. According to his allegations and video of the incident, the police confronted Halevy and beat him with a baton and pepper sprayed him. He was also in jail for four days over the incident. The video will likely play a huge factor in determining if the case will settle or go to trial.

On a different note, the United States Justice Department has decided to file a civil lawsuit against the rating agency Standard & Poor’s over their pre-crash ratings. There have been calls for years to take legal action against the agencies for their faulty ratings. Many of the critics cite the ratings some of the securities had as blanket approval for the misbehavior of the banks and the reason the economy is in recession now. The agencies have said their ratings are just opinion and should be taken as such. The added pressure of the Frontline story Untouchables may have played a role in pushing the Department of Justice to take action against the agencies.

Finally, a Kansas woman is suing Qualitest Pharmaceuticals in what maybe a class action lawsuit against the company for the defective batch of birth-control pills it distributed from which several women got pregnant. The woman, Shanta Russell, was described by the Huffington Post as a person who always took her pills and had no problems up until now being a mother with all the costs and expenses that come with it. An estimated 200 women have currently made inquiries to the defective batch of birth control pills. Russell is seeking compensation for the healthcare costs, the regular costs of raising a child, and the emotional pain she has had to go through since discovering she was pregnant.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Video Shows Police Officers Beating 19 Year Old

The New York Times published a story about the civil rights of Luis Solivan being violated by the New York Police Department. The story focuses on a video taken of two New York police officers holding down Solivan and beating him.

Solivan was charged with assaulting a police officer. He decided to sue and currently the case is working its way through the court system. One of the officers in the case was a defendant in another case that recently settled. That case awarded the plaintiff $1,500,000 for punitive and compensatory damages.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Motorcycle Clubs Fighting For Civil Rights

The Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs is suing the Las Vegas police department over claims of harassment. Motorcycle clubs are huge in the Southwest and West Coast. They are seeking $75,000 for each of their 15 claims, and they are seeking punitive damages as well.

Some clubs claim to have police officers putting pressure on businesses such as hotels and restaurants that do business with them. The lawsuit also alleges that police officers harassed members at private gatherings and got members fired from their jobs after speaking to their respective employers. Click here to view a video version of this story.

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Business Lawsuits in China on the Rise

There are news reports about lawsuits against businesses in China rising. Some estimates have the percentage at almost 20%. A number of the reports attribute this increase to the unique way businesses enter China, either through a forced partnership or subsidiary.

Foreign companies are not used to the way China handles business. As a result, they are running into problems and turning to the legal system for help. China is still developing its civil legal system, which most countries doing business in China agree is inefficient and obsolete.

As China becomes more involved with the world economy, their legal system will need to catch up for the economic boom to continue. Business owners need to feel that their rights are going to be respected and their complaints heard.

This could be a step in the right direction because it means that business owners are not just going to let issues go-they are going to fight for their rights, which will trickle down to people fighting for their rights in terms of civil rights and civil litigation.

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False Arrest, Abuse of Power, Police Corruption, and Lawsuit Advance Funding

For years, in certain communities, some people have blamed policemen for falsely accusing, planting evidence on innocent people, and other kinds of criminal acts. There are movies like Serpico starring Al Pacino that retold the real life story of Frank Serpico going up against corrupt NYPD officers in the 1970s.

Recently, former NYPD officer and current prison inmate Michael Daragjati pleaded guilty to extortion and civil-rights violation. He arrested Kendrick Gray of Staten Island on a bogus charge and was later caught on tape bragging about the practice to a fellow officer.

This was a violation of Gray’s civil rights and an abuse of his authority. The story unfolded like a scene from the classic movie Training Day starring Denzel Washington. Daragjati had previously been part of two lawsuits where New York City paid $70,000 to settle the cases. Daragjati was sentenced to almost five years in prison for his crime.

A situation like this can be scary and frightening for the individual and their families. People are often easily intimated by those in power. That said, there are still people who are going to assert their rights. When civil rights are violated, they must be upheld in a court of law and punished in a civil court.

Lawsuit advance funding can actually help with that. A lawsuit against a city costs a lot of money. To bring a good case, especially a civil rights case, evidence must be gathered, witnesses found-and that costs money. The city, given that the suit is a civil rights case, might be inclined to take a hard line or offer a settlement to stop the bad press. But if you think you deserve more than what’s being offered, lawsuit advance funding can offer an opportunity to keep fighting. Lawsuit funding can help bring you the justice you deserve.


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Rikers Island Inmate Suing Over Weight Loss

Prisoners’ rights are not a high priority for many people. However, to those who value civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties, it matters to them greatly. To them, prisoner rights are as valuable as the rights of anyone else. This case can go to the absurd column or an actual case where prisoner rights are being threatened.

Former Riker’s Island inmate Michael Isolda is suing New York City for $80 million about the food and his subsequent treatment while on Riker’s Island. According to him, while in jail on drug charges, he nearly died because the time to eat was not sufficient enough to fully consume his meals, which caused problems to his digestive system. Before and after pictures of Isolda can be seen here.

He had gastric bypass surgery and the eating procedure caused him problems. Before he went to jail, Isolda’s surgeon sent a letter to the sentencing judge about his condition and how his eating habits would be affected. The rules at Rikers made things worse for Isolda. He was rushed to surgery and is struggling to get his life back together.

Written by Lulaine Compere.