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Levy Settlement On Hold As Interviews With Claimants Are Still Being Conducted

RD Legal Funding LogoDr. Nikita Levy – husband, father, family man, OB/GYN – deceased since February 2013 when he took his own life. The doctor committed suicide soon after he was accused of violating his doctor-patient relationship with thousands of women who were examined by him. Dr. Levy practiced for at least 25 years at a John Hopkins Medicine Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. He was highly esteemed as a great OB/GYN practitioner, leaving most of his patients shocked when they found out that he secretly filmed them with a spy pen during their pelvic examinations.

The disturbing news was brought forth when a coworker took home Dr. Levy’s pen to confirm her suspicions that the doctor was indeed filming his patients. It has been reported that over 1,000 photos and videos were taken of his patients while they were undressed.

A $190 million dollar settlement was approved by the court in September 2014 between John Hopkins Hospital and the women involved in the lawsuit. 9,600 claims against Dr. Levy were timely submitted to the court in November 2014, but at least 2,000 claimants are still awaiting approval due to lack of evidence (medical records) that would indicate they were ever seen by Dr. Levy in the past.

Even though the court reached a settlement, timely claims need to be assessed to ensure validity and accuracy of the submitted claims. Assessments have and will be made by Adjudicator Judge Irma S. Raker (Ret.) who will be assisted by RG/2 Claims Administration LLC. Accepted claimants are assessed by interviews via telephone; individuals will be asked questions regarding their claim. And because there are thousands of interviews being conducted, only less than half of the 9,600 claimants have been contacted thus far.

Once all of the claimants have been contacted, and assessments are made, the settlement for $190 million dollars will be processed to all with valid claims. The award amount received by each claimant is still uncertain, though it will depend on the severity of each individual’s injuries.

Red Lobster and Olive Garden Servers Sue Parent Company

The Daily Report published a story about workers suing Darden Restaurants over back pay and other compensations, plus interests and attorney fees. Darden Restaurants owns popular brands including Red Lobster and Olive Garden. The workers allege Darden Restaurants violated federal labor laws by underpaying their workers.

According to some news reports, the company has had to pay fines for similar violations in the past, and the track of this specific lawsuits looks like it will become a class action. Other allegations by the workers include workers not being able to clock in, working without pay, and employees working beyond 40 hours. Some estimates claim the number of people affected by these alleged violations is well over 1,000.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Lawyers, Who Needs Them?

Lawyers, Who Needs Them is an entertaining and educational discussion hosted on Talk Zone Talk Channel about everyday topics pertaining to the law. The show has a lighthearted slant and really goes after people they see might be gaming the system and abusing the law.

Some of the shows include topics like the lawsuit against Taco Bell regarding their quality of beef, class action lawsuits, and the high cost of legal representation.

Written by Lulaine Compere.