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Ohio Justice Association’s New Podcast Civilly Speaking

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To date, the Ohio Justice Association (OJA) is the only one of the 50 state justice Associations to have its own podcast.The podcast titled Civilly Speaking focuses on topics that plaintiff attorneys and anyone involved on the plaintiff side of the law would be interested in. This is a new dynamic that may spawn a trend of podcasts for other justice associations to participate in. Podcasting is the new media phenomenon. Podcasts like Serial, Planet Money, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, are getting huge audiences to tune in to their programs. What’s more, the audience isn’t tied to a set time where they have to listen, they can simply listen at their own time. That’s the appeal of podcasting which the OJA appears to want to tap into.

According to OJA, each episode is 20 minutes or less and is perfect for the plaintiff attorney who has a little bit of downtime throughout their day. So far, there are only three episodes of Civilly Speaking. The topics discussed in those three episodes includes dealing with opposing counsel, defense medical exam doctors, and issues with cases about Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Aside from the new podcast, OJA will be holding their annual convention in May. The topics important to trial lawyers are going to be discussed at the convention. Topics including worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, mass torts, and trucking litigation. The podcast maybe highlighted during the convention.