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American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMS) Settles Ongoing Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits


Though there are still cases that have yet to be settled, a subsidiary of Endo International plc has recently resolved more than 100 cases regarding vaginal mesh injury claims. American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMS) has settled multi-district litigation cases in West Virginia concerning injuries and complications due to defected vaginal mesh products.

Endo International plc is a healthcare company that globally produces, manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical products (brand name and generic). Some of AMS’s defected products attached to the lawsuit are listed below:

  • Apogee
  • Perigee
  • MiniArc Sling
  • IntePro Y Sling

Among other reported injuries, most women who used said products have experienced side effects and complications that include chronic pelvic pain, recurrence of prolapse and/or stress urinary incontinence (SUI). While vaginal mesh products are supposed to help treat women with SUI and pelvic organ prolapse (POP), they’re in turn creating more issues for these women, and in some cases, making matters worse. The FDA approved vaginal mesh products to help aid women with SUI and POP, but now they’re considered to be “high-risk devices” due to the continuing injuries linked to the implants.

In 2014, Endo made an agreement with multiple plaintiffs’ firms involved with vaginal mesh injury cases to pay $830 million dollars in hopes of settling a great portion of these particular injury suits. Though Endo resolved a large chunk of these cases, the company is still knee deep in open cases. Endo is reaching settlements years after they announced they’d pay millions to settle thousands of suits in regards to the injury claims.

Last year in April, Endo reported to U.S. District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin concerning the settlements they made in more than 300 cases. 108 more cases settled by Endo were reported to the judge a month later. And then again in July, 100 cases with AMS were settled.

Even with the recent cases AMS has settled, tens of thousands of cases are still open and pending between other MDLs.

Brewing Lawsuits: Civil Rights, Product Liability, and More

brewing-lawsuitsThe New York Daily News reported a story of a Jewish man in Crown Heights, Brooklyn-Ehud Halevy-who is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York Police Department. According to his allegations and video of the incident, the police confronted Halevy and beat him with a baton and pepper sprayed him. He was also in jail for four days over the incident. The video will likely play a huge factor in determining if the case will settle or go to trial.

On a different note, the United States Justice Department has decided to file a civil lawsuit against the rating agency Standard & Poor’s over their pre-crash ratings. There have been calls for years to take legal action against the agencies for their faulty ratings. Many of the critics cite the ratings some of the securities had as blanket approval for the misbehavior of the banks and the reason the economy is in recession now. The agencies have said their ratings are just opinion and should be taken as such. The added pressure of the Frontline story Untouchables may have played a role in pushing the Department of Justice to take action against the agencies.

Finally, a Kansas woman is suing Qualitest Pharmaceuticals in what maybe a class action lawsuit against the company for the defective batch of birth-control pills it distributed from which several women got pregnant. The woman, Shanta Russell, was described by the Huffington Post as a person who always took her pills and had no problems up until now being a mother with all the costs and expenses that come with it. An estimated 200 women have currently made inquiries to the defective batch of birth control pills. Russell is seeking compensation for the healthcare costs, the regular costs of raising a child, and the emotional pain she has had to go through since discovering she was pregnant.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Meningitis Outbreak Responsible for at Least 5 Deaths

meningitis outbreakCBS News reported a story about the Meningitis outbreak that has been spreading across the country. According to different news reports, at least five people have died with over 30 people sick because of contaminated steroid shots for back pain.

The steroid shots were reportedly mixed in compounding laboratories that supply doctors, hospitals, and clinics. They have the possibility of becoming contaminated if the compounding process isn’t completely sterile. In addition, their products do not require approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

If the causes of the meningitis outbreak are true, then there could be huge liability issues for all the clinics, doctors, and hospitals that might have used the shots.

Written by Lulaine Compere