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The Ohio Innocence Project Receives $15 Million

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The much heralded work done by those in the Ohio Innocence Project received a huge donation in the form of $15 million. The benefactor making this huge donation is Richard “Dick” Rosenthal. Rosenthal and his wife were longtime philanthropists who supported the mission of the organization which is to free every innocent person in Ohio. The Ohio Innocence Project is housed in the University of Cincinnati College of Law at the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice. The Innocence Project has helped free innocent people throughout the country from prison who were falsely accused of crimes by the justice system. They have helped prove the innocence and secure the release of people on death row, rape, and a whole set of other crimes. According to the news reports, it is the biggest donation an innocence project has received to date. Representatives from the organization have said the money will go a long way towards helping them in their mission. According to the University of Cincinnati College of Law, the organization has secured the release of 24 people from prison for crimes they have not committed. It is the only law school based innocence project. While Richard’s wife Lois died, it seems Richard is pushing to uphold the mission of the organization.