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San Francisco Airport Prepares For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Pic

Super Bowl 50 is expected to be one of the biggest events to date. This year, the event will be held in San Francisco. As the city prepares itself for the mayhem that is to come with the Super Bowl, San Francisco International Airport was turned into a celebration of players of yesteryear. The Pro Football Hall of Fame contributed most of the items that are exhibited in the airport. The exhibit is titled The Nation’s Game, The NFL from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. People arriving, departing, or waiting for a connection in San Francisco International will be able to see the museum in Terminal 3, free of charge.

Once the announcement was made about San Francisco being the host of Super Bowl 50, the anticipation started building. The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sports event in the United States. Every year, the event seems to get bigger. The Super Bowl is no longer just about the game, its about the hype, the lead up to the big game, the commercials, the musical performance, and then the game. This year’s Super Bowl will be taking place in San Francisco. As the time inches closer, stories will be written on the commercials, excitement from city residents and those traveling to attend. In addition, stories will be written about the players, coaches, personnel from both teams as they compete for the title of NFL Champions of 2016. There will also be stories about the players who paved the way for the athletes of today and the struggles they had to deal with. Those same players will be honored at some point during the events. Issues like player safety, concussions and the NFL Concussion settlement are sure to be discussed. So like previous Super Bowls, Super Bowl 50 will be the epicenter of entertainment for a period of time and Terminal 3 in San Francisco International Airport is leading the way.

Photo Credit: DJ Animal