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The Utah Association for Justice’s 2016 Brain Injury Conference

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The Utah Association for Justice (UAJ) is holding their 2016 Brain Injury Conference on February 26th at the Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City. According to the UAJ’s website, online registration for the conference is closed, but it may be possible to apply in person. The one day conference will touch on a variety of topics important to those plaintiffs’ attorneys who litigate brain injury cases. Generally, brain injury cases can take a long time to resolve because of the amount of evidence and testimony from experts needed.

Scientifically speaking, there is a lot about the brain as a society we still don’t know. What years of science has shown us is damage to the brain whether one time or over time can be very dangerous to people. The issue of brain injuries has become mainstream. The National Football League (NFL) settled a huge class action with some former players on the issue. Now. there are issues being discussed about sports like soccer and hockey that can have some damaging effects on the brain. Leagues like the National Hockey League (NHL) and organizations like Federation Internationale de Football (FIFA) are dealing with complaints from activists and reports from the media about the damage some players may have or former players may have had when they played the sport. The settlement the NFL reached with its former players on the concussion issue shows a growing awareness of the problem. So trial lawyers are going to need the tips to properly litigate the brain injury cases and get advice from those plaintiffs’ attorneys that have litigated cases like them in the past.