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Xerox Subsidiary Pays $4.5 Million to Settle Class Action

According to news sources, a Xerox subsidiary Affiliated Computer Services Inc. has to pay $4.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit from employees who claim they weren’t paid for their work. The estimated 20,000 employees, former and current, are expected to receive between $50 and $260.

The plaintiffs alleged ACS did not pay proper wages and overtime at their call centers. They also claimed the company failed to pay bonuses and failed to count bonuses when adding overtime.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Red Lobster and Olive Garden Servers Sue Parent Company

The Daily Report published a story about workers suing Darden Restaurants over back pay and other compensations, plus interests and attorney fees. Darden Restaurants owns popular brands including Red Lobster and Olive Garden. The workers allege Darden Restaurants violated federal labor laws by underpaying their workers.

According to some news reports, the company has had to pay fines for similar violations in the past, and the track of this specific lawsuits looks like it will become a class action. Other allegations by the workers include workers not being able to clock in, working without pay, and employees working beyond 40 hours. Some estimates claim the number of people affected by these alleged violations is well over 1,000.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Wage-and-Hour Lawsuits on the Rise

According to an article in Bloomberg News, wage-and-hour lawsuits are on the rise. Since the recession hit, more people are getting laid off for a variety of reasons. It may be prudent of them to look into the reasoning, which could be underhanded depending on the employer.

Since the recession, employers looking to get more for less are pushing for more and being stricter to the letter of the law. The law however hasn’t caught up to the social mores and standards workers are now under.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

Bronx Car Wash Owner Going to Jail for Paying Workers $4/Hour, No Overtime

Worker exploitation is a disturbing crime. The workers are generally scared they are going to be punished for speaking out and many times they don’t want to upset themselves or make it harder for their friends. Sometimes the law steps in and regulates the situation. Other times they are late to act.

However in this situation, the government came in swift and fast and punished the owner for violating the law. Alex Moreno was sentenced to jail for paying his workers $4 an hour with no overtime for 12 hour days and six day weeks. The exploited employees are going to receive about $150,000.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

RD Legal Funding Just Advanced $350K!

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