Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

The plaintiffs in lawsuits against four vaginal mesh manufacturers continue to grow as they try and seek damages for their pain and suffering. The product was found to have problems after being examined by a medical journal. The Federal Drug Administration also came out and said vaginal mesh was marketed without FDA approval.

Vaginal mesh is a product inserted through the vagina, and it is used to treat abdominal hernias and other ailments that affect the pelvic area. The doctors who perform this surgery have to use a sling procedure when dealing with mesh.

Among the list of problems that mesh has caused include bleeding, infection, erosion of vaginal epithelium, and bladder perforation. There is also the possibility of additional surgery to fix the problem. The FDA has issued a statement on their website about complications associated with vaginal mesh products.

Manufacturers of transvaginal mesh and sling devices include Boston Scientific, CR Bard, Johnson & Johnson, and American Medical Systems. Some of the brands under investigation include Elevate, Apogee, Avaulta, Pelvitext, Gynecare, and Gynemesh.

Written by Lulaine Compere.

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